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Some experts declaim that one in three employees is actively engaged in some type of fraud or embezzlement right now!  We have worked with more than 400 companies over the years, and we have NEVER been in a company in which there was no fraud!  In fact, we are convinced that the commonly held perspective of business start up failures being attributed to undercapitalization is wrong!  We believe that the major contributor to failure is fraud!

To add insult to injury, if you have sustained a loss from embezzlement, you might well have to pay taxes on the amount of the theft!  The only way that fraud losses become deductible is if they are certified by an independent expert!  Our Financial Detectives can help to quantify the loss and testify to the validity of the loss so that it can qualify for deduction.

If you think there might be a fraudster in your operation, our Financial Detectives can help identify and quantify employee malfeasance in every corner of your business from accounts receivable to inventory shrinkage.

Remember that one in three employees is involved in some type of fraud.  We can help you to prevent fraud before it occurs with a prospective fraud audit and a training program for your staff.

We can appraise and evaluate businesses, quantify the impact of unfair competitive practices, evaluate the economic loss from a fire, accident, or disaster, pierce corporate veils, and provide expert witness testimony in a wide variety of corporate and financial venues.